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About Us

Ted Hall Tueller was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Donald and Norma Tueller. His father was a journeyman pressman who learned the printing trade just out of high school and never left the industry. His legacy as a craftsman is an influence in every aspect of Ted’s personal and business life to this day. Ted graduated from Bountiful High School in 1974. Ted attended Brigham Young University, until leaving to serve a LDS mission in Indiana. Upon his return, he worked for various printing companies. Ted owned, in partnership with his older brother, Tueller’s Ink from 1983-2013 and is now president of Tueller’s Press.

Sandee Duerden Tueller was born in Salt Lake City, Utah to Delbert and Genevieve Duerden. She also attended Bountiful High School and graduated with Ted in 1974. She’s now secretary of Tueller’s Press, a homemaker and most importantly grandmother to 9 wonderful grandchildren.

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