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Our Experience is Your Gain

At Tueller’s Press, you could say printing is in the blood. Or maybe it’s ink that’s in the blood. Either way, for over 50 years, the Tueller family has been printing history – in the form of wedding announcements, business documents, genealogy books, and more.

Fine printing requires a craftsman. Putting ink on paper, in a way that is pleasing to the eye, is an art. One such craftsman was Donald Tueller. Born in Paris, Idaho, Don decided as a young man that he would pursue printing as his profession. He became an articulate printer with an eye for detail. And in the mid-1960s, he eventually purchased his own weekly newspaper — The Shelley Pioneer — and printing company in Shelley, Idaho. Don was committed to hard work and knew that the printing industry would require a great deal of it. His children caught on to his work ethic and his business became a family affair at times. Don had two sons who would eventually come to love the printing industry as well.

Tueller’s Press owner, Ted Tueller, began his printing career in his youth when his father, Don, fell ill. Ted’s father had been a printer all his life and as the family began to struggle, a kind neighbor offered Ted a job at his print shop in hopes of helping the family out.

This opportunity gave Ted the opportunity to learn the printing trade. Ted’s career from that point on consisted of many different jobs at many different print shops, but everywhere he went Ted gained the trust and appreciation of his clients. His customer-comes-first attitude and attention to detail was instrumental in his progression in the industry.

Ted Tueller, Owner Don Tueller

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